Should You Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

The short answer to the question is a resounding “YES!”, but it does come with some strings attached. Pressure washing vinyl siding can be a safe way to clean your home and adds years to the lifespan of your walls’ exterior surfaces, or it can be a fast-track to siding damage – it all depends on who is behind the washer.

The learning curve for pressure washers isn’t friendly, and amateur attempts practiced on your vinyl siding could cause some very ugly scarring. However, finding qualified pressure washing professionals can be more challenging than it sounds.

In this era of unregulated online classified listings, anybody with a department store brand pressure washer can throw an ad up proclaiming that they are experts.

Since you are ultimately putting your house in the hands of strangers, you need to make sure that you are dealing with trusted and highly-trained professionals.

For this reason, we recommend turning to the pressure washing pro’s in San Antonio at Glass Geeks; with years of experience under our belts, and the best tools dangling from them, you can be sure that your home will look its best and have its lifespan increased rather than diminished!

If, however, you decide to take the DIY route, we can help there too. The following tips will help you stay safe and save money when pressure washing vinyl siding on your own:

Do your homework

Make sure to read all relevant safety manuals from the manufacturer before you start pressure washing vinyl siding. This will help reduce the time it takes to learn how to use your equipment, and familiarize you with all safety processes.

Mind electrical hazards

Ensure that electric pressure washers are properly connected and grounded at all times. Also beware of shock hazards around the house, and make sure that you are wearing rubber-soled shoes for extra protection.

Follow fundamental rules for safe use

Regardless of the model you are using, some safety rules remain constant. Don’t operate pressure washers indoors. Never point the washer at people or animals.

Wear eye protection at all times to guard against any dirt or contaminants dislodged by the jet of water. Wear hearing protection.

Maintain your pressure washer regularly to avoid any serious equipment failures. Follow all appropriate instructions that come with the cleaning detergent you have chosen.

Use the right techniques

It is difficult to prescribe any single techniques because of the huge variance between pressure washer models, but there are some general guidelines that we can share.

Always start with a wider fan pattern, and keep the nozzle moving. Always hold it at the distance recommended in your user manual. Avoid blasting directly into corners, beneath the lip of a window, or into dryer and attic vents.

DIY Pressure Washing Is A Recipe For Disaster

Pressure washers are becoming extremely popular rental options among homeowners in San Antonio looking for quick and efficient cleans.

Pressure washing your deck, driveway and siding is extremely effective, when done properly. Sadly, many homeowners are unaware that there are different types of equipment meant for different surfaces, and, without proper training, you can easily damage your property.

Too Much Pressure

The most common mistake homeowners run into with DIY pressure washing is applying too much pressure.

It’s very easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water, however, many first-time attempts at pressure washing will end up etching lines into a home’s siding or carving strips out of wood decking.

Lack of Cleaning Detergent

Additionally, most DIY pressure washers only load their machine with water. Without the proper ratio of cleaning detergent mixed in, your effectiveness will be significantly reduced, and possibly lead to applying too much pressure in order to make up for lost power.

Water-only mixtures can also spread mold spores around. Mold-related damages can cost you big money.

The Art Of House Washing

There’s an art to a thorough house clean, and it’s rather difficult to suggest any single techniques due to the huge variance between pressure washer models.

With that said, there are some general guidelines that you should follow:

  • Always begin with a wider fan pattern, while keeping the nozzle moving. Always hold it at the distance recommended in the user manual. Avoid blasting beneath the lip of a window, directly into corners, or into attic and dryer vents.
  • We recommend pressure washing FIRST if you plan to clean your windows as well. Though not nearly as permanent or damaging of an issue, cleaning out of order can essentially deem your cleaning effort worthless, thus, the cost of your rented equipment is paid for nothing.
  • Be sure to be mindful of electrical hazards. Ensure your electric pressure washers are properly grounded and connected at all times. Additionally, beware of shock hazards around your home, and wear rubber-soled shoes for an extra layer of protection.

Most San Antonio homeowners will find that once the cost of rented equipment, transport to and from the rental location, and a day’s effort wasted are factored in, they would have been better off investing in a Glass Geeks professional pressure washing service.

When homeowners try and fail with DIY attempts, this cost effectiveness ratio is skewed even moreso, leaving them paying huge repair money for what was a long, hard day that produced only a sub-par clean.

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What Areas Need Professional Pressure Washing The Most?

Pressure washers are universally recognized as an important part of any homeowners’ maintenance arsenal, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

These amazing pieces don’t rely on harsh chemicals in order to get the job done, and they can also be used in a wide range of ways to make cleaning around the house significantly more easier.

Not to mention, pressure washers can actually increase the longevity of some of your home’s most expensive items, which will save you on costly and critical repairs.

If you’re thinking about hiring pressure washing professionals in San Antonio, you will likely want to know about all of the different areas you can clean with this great tool.

We, at Glass Geeks, want to share the top power-washer targets that you may not have already thought of.


Whenever you enter a commercial car wash and pay for a service, you are basically renting a pressure washer. Washing cars, boats, and motorcycles is one of the most common applications for a pressure washer.

With this in mind, it is imperative that you choose the right pressure washer, as too narrow of a spray could give the exterior of your car the wrong kind of detailing.

Garage doors

Garage doors — as well as window sills and home siding — is an excellent target for a professional pressure washing.

Dust has the ability to temporarily change the color of your garage door, and if it’s allowed to accumulate, will smear and turn grimy during humid or wet days. This can worsen rusting and wear on your garage door, which will ultimately cut its lifespan short.

While light-duty model pressure washers are appropriate for garage door cleaning, even industrial-strength pressure washers can be used in the right hands and at the right setting.

Exterior siding or brick

Patios, bricks, and exterior siding are also ideal pressure washing targets.

You can blast away moss, stains, and corrosive contaminants from their surfaces in the same way you would while pressure washing your driveway. Keep in mind, however, that your nozzle type and strength will need to adjust accordingly.

Bee hives and bird nests

While cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces should be at the top of your priority list, pressure washers have a few additional uses as well.

Part of proper home maintenance is ensuring that there are no pests or insects lurking that could cause any harm, to your home, your family, or yourself, and pressure washers make this task much easier.

Whether you’ve spotted a cluster of wood-chewing termites, an intimidating bee hive, or anything else that you might want to get rid of without having to get too close, a professional pressure washer is the perfect tool for the job.

Are you interested in hiring a professional pressure washing service in San Antonio to clean up your home’s exterior? Glass Geeks has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to pressure washing driveways, decks, patios, as well as the unconventional targets on this list. Get your bid here.

Signs You May Need Pressure Washing For Your Home’s Siding

Your home’s siding does more than just make your house appealing to look at. There are several non-aesthetic purposes for siding, like lowering energy bills, protecting the frame of your home against the elements, and keeping away pests.

So keeping your siding in good repair is important. But at some point, your siding may begin to fail. So what are the signs that your siding might be losing its integrity?

Your Energy Bill

Energy is the only commodity that we choose to buy every day without knowing exactly what it costs until a month later.

When your home’s heating or cooling costs increase exponentially over a short time, that can be a sign that your home is in need of new siding. Naturally, you should first rule out a bad or leaking roof, windows or there is need of more attic insulation.

Heating or cooling costs that do not fall in line with those of your neighbors, is a glaring indication that something is seriously wrong with a home’s exterior wall insulation. Damaged or poorly performing siding can be a huge cause for lover the top heating and cooling bills.


Are the heads exposed, rusty, or missing? If your nails have popped out, this means your siding has experienced some sort of movement or has been expanding and contracting.

Rusty nails can signify moisture damage over time and can leave streaks down your siding. Ideally, siding should be installed using stainless steel nails but if the nail is raised or loose your siding is compromised.

Of course, if any nails are completely missing, your siding is in danger of falling off or blowing away in a strong wind storm.


Traditional wood clapboard siding is lined up butt end to butt end and usually sealed with caulking before being painted.

The purpose of joint sealant is to minimize water wicking through the end grain of the wood.Siding should be caulked at all vertical seams and joints.

Over time, caulk can shrink, crack, or slowly wear away. If seams have shifted and boards look uneven, your siding system will fail. Your siding should look almost seamless (with no vertical lines at the butt joints) if it is caulked correctly.


There are a lot of reasons siding will warp. If the siding isn’t installed properly warping will definitely happen, but there can be other factors.

Vinyl is a type of plastic and, like many plastics, it can start melting when subjected to too much heat. Many cases of bad warping occur during the summer.

The air heats up and the sunlight starts directing a lot of thermal energy at the walls of your house. Poor quality vinyl or dark paint colors cannot take this abuse, and the siding will start to warp and buckle as it absorbs the heat and expands.

You hear it all the time, “Your home is your biggest investment!”, the first step to protecting it is a strong barrier. If your siding is failed or failing serious problems are on their way, it’s a great idea to spend some time inspecting your siding at least twice a year.

Pressure washing your siding and making sure any problems are fixed immediately are the only ways to prevent your siding from failing.

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The Mistakes You’re Bound to Make When Attempting DIY House Washing

Pressure washers have become increasingly popular rental options for homeowners looking for quick and efficient cleaning solutions. Sadly, many are not aware that there are different types of equipment meant for different surfaces, and that without the proper knowledge and training, one can easily damage their driveways, decks and house siding.

Glass-Geeks’ pressure washing services are renowned in San Antonio as customers opt for the affordability and ease of hiring our crew to get the job done as opposed to doing it themselves. Our customers have realized the difference a good pressure cleaning can make for their home’s patios, driveways and siding.

Pressure Washing – More than Meets the Eye

With so many benefits that come with pressure washing, it’s clear to see why the rental demands for these pressure washing units have sky-rocketed as of late. However, renting your own pressure washer may not actually be the best choice; which is often the case with seemingly simply tasks, there is much more to pressure washing than meets the eye.

Many people (mistakenly) associate pressure washer handling with simply hosing down any dirty surface, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As any highly-trained Glass-Geeks house washing technician will tell you, pressure washing is equal parts science and art, and requires experience and skill to be able to handle the job safely.

Here are some common and costly mistakes that DIY house washing attempts often result in:

Too Much Pressure

The most common mistake you’ll find with the do-it-yourself pressure washers is applying too much pressure. This is because it’s very easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water, but many first-time attempts will end up etching lines into the home’s siding or carving strips out of wood decking.

Glass-Geeks technicians understand how proper handling and distance can be utilized in order to harness high-strength cleaning power while avoiding the risk of damage to the home.

Naked Water Pressure Washing

Many do-it-yourself pressure washers will only load their washer with water. However, without the proper ratio of cleaning solution mixed in, your effectiveness, when it comes to cleaning, will be significantly reduced, and will likely lead you to apply too much pressure to compensate for the loss of power.

Additionally, water-only mixtures are notorious for spreading mold spores around a surface. The extra pressure and mold-related damages can cost you big money down the line.

Cleaning Out of Order

Although, not nearly as permanent or damaging of an issue, cleaning out of order will essentially deem your cleaning effort worthless, so that the cost of your rental is for (virtually) nothing. For instance, if you clean your windows first and then attempt to pressure wash, you will end up dousing your sparkling windows in grimy residue.

Glass-Geeks house washing experts will follow the appropriate order, ensuring everything that is cleaned stays clean.

Many San Antonio homeowners will realize that once the cost of a rental, transport to and from the location, and a wasted day’s effort have been factored together, they would have been better off investing in a Glass-Geeks house pressure washing service all along.

When beginners try and fail with do-it-yourself attempts, this cost effectiveness ratio is skewed even moreso, leading to the homeowner paying big repair money for what was a long, hard day that produced a mediocre clean. Contact Glass-Geeks today to save yourself the cost of collateral damage.

Glass Geeks Takes Commercial Window Cleaning To The Next Level

While so many businesses today have been switching to online-only service, it’s even more imperative to have your brick and mortar business in San Antonio looking its most clean, professional, and approachable.

Here at Glass Geeks, we fully understand the impact a business’s appearance has on its overall success, which is why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive commercial window cleaning services to all of our San Antonio clients.

As part of our commercial window cleaning services, we use a system that allows us to clean your business with the highest quality water in the most economic, safe, and efficient way possible. By using this advanced system we can provide all of our commercial clients with services that benefit both them and the environment. Find out what we can do for your business below:

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is a key maintenance task, imperative to running a successful business as skipping gutter cleaning could cost you significantly in the future.

Gutters are meant to catch and direct the flow of water, which means if you have poorly maintenanced gutters, this can lead to nasty buildup that could (in turn) lead to a leaky roof, a home for pests, and extreme water damage. Cleaning and maintaining your gutter system regularly will save you valuable money and time in the future.

Pressure Washing

You would be pleasantly surprised to see what a proper pressure washing can do for your business’s curb appeal. Cleaning your building, walkway, and even your parking lot, regularly keeps your business looking as good as new, which means it will be more enticing to current and future customers.

Window Cleaning

The disgusting appearance that dirty windows provide can seriously have a negative impact on your business’s credibility and reputability to passersby.

After all, the extent in which you take care of your business is a real reflection of how you would take care of your customers, thus, you want to show the world that you’re not only attentive to your business, but organized as well, at all levels of your operation.

Glass Geeks Window Cleaning for All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

As the holidays approach, so does one of the busiest spending seasons of the year. This means, there is no better time than the present to book a commercial cleaning service for your San Antonio business.

Glass Geeks of San Antonio is here to ensure your business is looking as fantastic as it performs. Click here to contact us today!

If you’re unsure of your abilities, or simply don’t have the time or equipment necessary to get the job done successfully, contact Glass-Geeks today. Our technicians are expertly trained and equipped with the latest in pressure washing technology, which means we can fully restore your business’ exterior to its original beauty.

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