What To Consider When Approaching Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is a job that is often left as punishment for unruly teens, or else is procrastinated as long as possible. It isn’t hard to imagine why this job is often the last people want assigned to them during chore rotations.

Not only is this task going to eat up valuable hours on your days off with tough labor, but there is a very good chance that slimy water-degraded leaf matter is going to adorn your hands, forearms, and clothes by the time the job is done. There are no doubts about it – cleaning the gutters is a dirty job that few people like to do.

With that said, it is extremely important. When blocked with moisture-laden leaf matter and other debris, your gutters will begin to corrode. Blocked gutters also mean blocked drainage, which puts your home at serious risk of experiencing water damage.

In the drier seasons, gutter blockage becomes a serious fire hazard, as your roof is essentially crowned in a densely-packed ring of tinder. Furthermore, obstructed gutters make the perfect living environment for pests and mosquitoes.

Stop procrastinating! It is time to muster up the courage to clean those gutters. Before you do, though, Glass Geeks would like to offer you some great gutter cleaning tips to keep you safe and stress-free as you work.

And don’t forget, if you need help, your local San Antonio Glass Geeks is just a phone call away.

Practice ladder safety!

You can’t clean your gutters without climbing up a ladder, but you should never step foot onto a ladder without a proper understanding of ladder safety.

First, it is important to always inform someone that you will be using a ladder to work on your gutters. This serves a number of safety functions. First, it guarantees that someone is aware of what you are up to, and can look out for you and check in on how you are doing periodically.

Secondly, alerting those in the house or nearby will minimize the chances of being knocked off of your ladder by someone carelessly swinging a door open.

Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder that is up to code. It is helpful if you choose a ladder with a small shelf that can support a bucket filled with wet debris.

Secure this waste bucket with a lanyard when possible. Wooden ladders are not recommended because of their poorer construction and tendency to wobble.

Aluminum ladders are well-suited for longer jobs, where arm fatigue can accumulate, and the constant shifting of a heavy ladder in and out of position can exacerbate the issue.

Before you climb onto your ladder, inspect it thoroughly, and be sure that all of the extension-hinge arms are in proper position under full extension.

Get the right tools for the job!

One of the most valuable tools for a gutter-cleaning job is a gutter scoop. These plastic scooping implements can be purchased at almost any hardware store.

The few dollars you invest in this tool will save you a lot of effort. These tools use a thin plastic scooping edge that conforms to the mold of the gutter, allowing you to scrape up even the most stubborn of rain-washed debris.

What a hassle!

Gutter cleaning really is one of the more unsavory chore options that a home-owner can get stuck with. Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming, energy-demanding, damp-and-dirty job that can be dangerous if rushed through without the proper tools.

Fortunately, Glass Geeks is standing by, and can have your gutters sparkling in no time! Get your quote today to save yourself the time and trouble of a tough gutter cleaning task.

Why You Should Hire a Gutter Cleaning Professional in San Antonio

While cleaning your gutters may seem like an innocent (maybe even simple) task, contrary to popular belief, gutter cleaning can be one of the most tough and dangerous jobs you’ll ever perform for your home.

This is why you should always hire a gutter cleaning professional in San Antonio, who will be well equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle the job properly. However, if you insist on doing the job yourself, there’s a few tips you should consider:

Ensuring You Have The Proper Gutter Cleaning Equipment

For starters, it is imperative that you have the right tools before you begin any gutter cleaning project. These tools include:

  • Ladder
  • Buckets (with optional wire hooks)
  • Towels
  • Garden hose (with a nozzle or gutter cleaning attachment)
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses

More importantly, you should always ensure that you check the weather forecast before you begin in order to avoid working on a slippery surface.

Keeping Safety In Mind

When you’re cleaning out your gutters, it’s typically required that you use a ladder.

However, while watching your step is crucial, you also need to be fully aware of other things that may hinder you from doing the job, including your garden hose or any electric wires that are near your gutters.

Once you’ve successfully reached your gutters, you can begin scraping away any dirt or grime from inside the gutters while placing latex gloves on the inside of your work gloves in order to prevent moisture from seeping through to your hands. This will also help you avoid direct contact with odor and bacteria.

Properly Cleaning Your Gutters

After you have effectively cleared up any solid debris, you can allow your garden hose do the rest of the work by flushing the dirt through your downspouts.

Handling your own gutter cleaning project can cost you time, equipment, and even an emergency room visit. Having a gutter system that is clear of debris or dirt results in a much safer home, but this is useless if the process of cleaning your gutters isn’t safe on it’s own.

If you’re uncomfortable with the hazards that come with cleaning your gutters on your own, then you should hire a gutter cleaning professional in San Antonio to do the job for you.

By having your gutters cleaned by the experts at Glass Geeks, you will not only be satisfied with the spotless results, but also, the reasonable price that comes with it. Get a free quote for gutter cleaning today!
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Best Practices For Safe Gutter Cleaning

For homeowners, there is no chore that is dreaded more during the spring cleaning season than gutter cleaning and repair.

Not only is this job extremely filthy, but it require a massive physical effort from you that eats up an entire day and can also be severely dangerous.

With that said, as time-consuming, frustrating, and strenuous as this job may be, it is important to the integrity of your home.

After all, clogged or malfunctioning gutters are some of the leading causes of water leaks and flooding in the average home, which can cause severe damage to your property’s foundation and contribute to dangerous mold growth.

Thankfully, a professional gutter cleaning company in San Antonio like Glass Geeks gives homeowners the chance to enjoy clean and properly functioning gutters without risking their lives.

When you choose Glass Geeks, you are choosing a guaranteed and fully insured service. Our professionals will arrive stocked with the most modern and efficient equipment, so that we can provide you clean and functioning gutters in any kind of weather.

The experts at Glass Geeks are highly trained, and practice proper ladder safety protocol, which they have refined through years of service and industry innovation. This ensures nobody is hurt and nothing on your home or property is damaged.

However, if you still insist on cleaning your gutters on your own, you need to follow some basic ladder safety tips:

Staying Alert With Safety In Mind

Most will become a bit less cautious when they’re only a few steps from the ground. However, this is unfortunate, since most injuries occur on step ladders that stand only 3-6 feet tall.

When cleaning your gutters, be sure to never lose focus on your safety, even at manageable heights. While the chance of fatal injury is lessened, you can still suffer a sprain or nasty fracture..

3 Points Of Contact

This simple rule is also one of the most important taught in an industry-leading gutter cleaning training program, and is important in terms of ensuring ladder safety.

As the name implies, this rule demands you keep 3 of your 4 “points of contact” on your ladder at all times, referring to your 2 feet and 2 hands. When using a ladder, you should always keep one hand gripping the ladder and both feet grounded.

Most falls happen when over-ambitious do-it-yourselfers take both of their hands off of their ladder, oftentimes to grip the gutter they are cleaning.

Not only could you come falling down in this scenario, but you’ll likely bring your gutters with you. Replacing your gutters along with your siding, shingles and landscaping you damaged on your way down will cost you astronomically.

While these basic tips for safe gutter cleaning will help get you started by eliminating the most obvious injury risks, it’s still in your best interest to contact Glass Geeks.

Not only will you be eliminating any risk of injury, but you will also be eliminating the risk of wasting your entire day for a sub-par gutter cleaning.