San Antonio Window Cleaning: How Do I Prepare My Windows For Winter?

For any smart homeowner, winters are a time when you prepare your property for the months ahead by ensuring every aspect is cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

This includes your home’s roof, driveway, deck, and (of course) your windows, which are one of the most important parts of your home. While winter’s in San Antonio are mild (at worst), in comparison to other regions of the country, we still are prone to storms and heavy rainfall during the cooler months.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t prepared to handle the elements and the daily maintenance that you will inevitably need to carry out, then you could be risking damaged or dirty windows by the time spring rolls around.

At Glass Geeks, we take the burden of having to regularly clean your windows off of your plate, and can provide professional cleaning service with industry-grade cleaning equipment and expert window cleaning technicians.

With Glass Geeks on your side, we can effectively keep up with any storms or inclement weather San Antonio may receive by providing the proper cleaning for your windows (and more). This will ensure your windows look stunning by the end of the season; boosting your home’s curb appeal and keeping it in tip-top shape.

After all, when the sun starts to stay in the sky longer, and the warmer weather arrives, you want to be able to enjoy it. With this in mind, preparing your windows for winter should be a high priority for any homeowner in San Antonio.

Why You Should Prepare Your Windows For Winter

Winter weather (albeit extremely mild in San Antonio) can cause caulking or sealant to crack and break off. Additionally, heavy rain can cause rot and other damage, in addition to enlarging already existing cracks.

Cooler temperatures are also notorious for wreaking havoc on windows during the winter. During these months windows will often separate from the frames due to the extreme dip in temperature.

Here is a small list of actions to help you prepare your windows for winter:

  • If you have a home with more than one story, have a significant amount of windows in your home, or windows in awkward and hard to reach areas cleaned, it’s always best to call an experienced window cleaning professional, as safety is important.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of all windows in your home. Note all issues (big or small), what you plan to do to fix them and when.
  • Produce a list of what is needed for any/all window maintenance around your property. Include all inspections and a strict budget for repairs and be sure to locate any warranties you may have on the windows themselves.
  • Have windows replaced as needed or call a professional window cleaning company in San Antonio if you don’t have the experience or time necessary to get the job done right.
  • Be sure to read manuals for any special instructions for your home’s windows.
It’s Time to Clean Your Windows

In order to begin cleaning your windows this year, be sure to look over the exterior of your windows to note any fading, paint peeling, or cracks that may need replacing.

Inspect the insulation around your windows as well. If you happen to see anything that needs replacing, or caulking or weather stripping issues and water damage, spring is a good time to perform repairs.

Winter is also the ideal time to inspect curtains, blinds, and skylights before it gets extremely warm — during the months of May and June — and you need to use your windows regularly once again.

To begin your window cleaning, a window cleaning professional will typically wipe down the windows and sills with a combination of soap and warm water.

This will get rid of any surface grime, dust, and dirt. Any soap used during a professional window cleaning should be acceptable for use on the entire window including your glass, so long as it’s non-abrasive.

After soaping the entire window, it will be rinsed with fresh, warm water and a squeegee. As your windows are being cleaned, they will be inspected; especially the tracks of your windows.

Your window cleaning professional in San Antonio will make sure that all the sliding mechanisms are clear of dirt and debris. If the technician happens to see any, they will wipe it out with a small, soft brush or a cloth.

Don’t Forget Your Window Screens

While oftentimes overlooked by homeowners, window screens can be almost as important as the windows themselves. This is why, if your screens become damaged at any time during the winter season, it’s important to have them replaced, otherwise insects and small debris can invade your home

In some instances (for small rips or tears) the repair may call for a screen repair kit, or you can contact your local San Antonio window cleaning professional — like Glass Geeks — to see what they would recommend. It might be easier to just have the entire window screen replaced outright.

It’s important to note just how critical your home’s windows are to the enjoyment and function of your home. With that said, your windows require a proper and thorough maintenance plan, just like anything else in your home, in order to keep them in the most optimum shape possible.

By preparing your windows for the winter season ahead, with regularly scheduled window cleanings, you will be effectively preventing any costly damages in the future.

Ensuring To Clean Your Shutters

Similar to your windows, shutters should be swept clean of cobwebs and other debris (such as leaves and big pieces of dirt). For tough-to-remove debris, use warm water from a hose on the most gentle setting.

A generous mixture of warm water and detergent can then be distributed onto your shutters using a mop. Before they have time to dry, your shutters should be wiped down with a microfiber cloth to avoid water stains.

Why Choose Glass Geeks For Professional Window Cleaning In San Antonio?

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At the end of the day, the process for achieving streak-free results for your windows isn’t all that difficult to discover and implement. As the San Antonio window cleaning experts, we have our own set of guidelines, tools, and methods for both residential and commercial window cleaning jobs. Contact us to learn more.

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