San Antonio Gutter Cleaning: Issues Caused by Clogged Gutters

Save yourself precious time, hassle and money by having your gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned today! Why?

You might think that clogged gutters aren’t very important to deal with. It’s a hassle, and presents a slippery and unsafe job that involves climbing up and down on a ladder in order to get your gutters clean.

However, you likely won’t think this when you have flooding or water damage that could have been easily avoided if your gutters had been working and properly maintained. Here are the top home problems that can be caused by clogged gutters from the San Antonio gutter cleaning experts at Glass Geeks:

Roof Damage

Think about it, if water backs up into your gutters, the edge of your roof’s surface and the underlying materials (typically wood sheeting) can potentially become damaged by the constant contact with water.

This, in turn, causes the surface material and wood to become weak and rot. Eventually the surface and the wood underneath your roof will have to be replaced.

Wood Fascia Damage

Water that gets backed up in gutters is extremely heavy (about 8 pounds per gallon) which can cause your gutter attachments to pull away from the wood fascia that it is attached to; causing damage to the wood.

Allowing water to spill over the edges of gutters and onto the wood fascia boards will also cause the wood to significantly weaken and rot as well.

Damage to Walls, Windows, Doors and Patios

Water that spills over your gutter’s edges will fall onto window frames, doors, walls, and whatever surface is below.

These particular features of your home are not designed to have this much contact with water, and they count on your gutters and downspouts to do their job in order to last longer. In the long run, this extra contact with water will lead to these features of your home warping, rotting, and weakening.

Damage to Foundations and Landscaping

It goes without saying, but your foundation supports the entire structure of your home. Sadly, any excess contact with water here can significantly cause your foundation to shift, crack, leak, or even sink.

When you have clean downspouts and gutters, water is properly carried away from your home and foundation to points where it can be simply absorbed into the drainage system or ground.

Your landscaping also suffers when this excess water falls on plants, flowers, and trees and is simply the difference between watering plants with a simple gardening hose as opposed to watering them with a fire hose. In other words, too much water directed in one spot can be problematic.

Keeping your home’s gutter system and downspouts clean and properly functioning is easy with the San Antonio gutter cleaning experts at Glass Geeks.

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