Why Professional Window Cleaning Is Essential In The Spring

The arrival of every new season brings both good and bad elements with it, both broadly speaking in terms of how they affect your windows.

While spring brings more comfortable weather and blossoming flowers, it also brings out some common enemies of clean windows.

Birds, bugs, and post-winter clean up conditions all pose a threat your windows’ condition. This is unfortunate news for homeowners that are already weighed down by a long spring cleaning chore list.

Thankfully, Glass Geeks is here to help. Our one of a kind professional window cleaning process can give both your exterior and interior window surfaces an affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly clean any time of the year.

Here are a few reasons why window cleaning services become increasingly more valuable in the spring season:

Bugs And Birds Are Out In Force

You’re not the only one that is eager to start becoming active outdoors when the weather warms up. Spring is scored by the sounds of animals rustling and birds chirping.

As bikers, campers, runners, and any other outdoor enthusiast will tell you, the warmer weather comes at the cost of bugs. Deer flies, mosquitoes, and all other manner of bothersome insects hatch into existence during the spring, which is awful news for those looking for clean windows.

A more active insect population equals more bug excrement, and other residue on your windows. You also have to contest with bird droppings, berry juices, and tree sap, which will all start building up on your windows’ surfaces, thus, the value of professional window cleaning services will begin to climb.

Glass Geeks’ renowned window cleaning process makes these problems a thing of the past. While other companies in San Antonio might be happy with a speedy wash and rinse, Glass Geeks goes the extra mile with a thorough glass scrubbing, in order to remove any built-up dirt and grime that simple cleanings can’t handle.

Remnants of Winter on Your Windows

Though the cooler weather has vanished, there will still be some winter mementos leftover on your windows if you fail to clean them off.

The spring thaw will typically leave streaks on your window, which is especially true if your window screens are dirty. Get rid of those unsightly cold weather remnants with Glass Geeks!

A Seasonal Premium on Incredible Views

The bleak winter is over. Spring means lush green grass, sparkling rivers, and blossoming flowers.

Homeowners that are lucky enough to have impressive backyard views should seek the best possible lens through which to enjoy them. It’s difficult to appreciate the stars through a filthy telescope – it is similarly hard to try and take in a gorgeous spring view through filthy windows.

Glass Geeks is a premium window care service provider in San Antonio. Our professional window cleaning services guarantee ideal results, and we use a process that is neither seasonally-sensitive or harmful to the environment.

Get an incredible clean any time of the year by contacting us today or simply calling 770-254-8999. It’s simple, with almost no preparation required.

Call today for a free quote, and find out why homeowners across San Antonio have been choosing Glass Geeks for all of their home maintenance needs!