House Washing Tips: The Difference Between Algae and Mold

Most homeowners in San Antonio are quick to assume the black streaks on their siding, roof, patio or deck is dirt or even mold.

However, oftentimes the culprit is actually the less threatening wannabe known as algae. This is the good news

The bad news is that mildew and mold are still very prevalent and can wreak pricey havoc on your home. Don’t worry though, all different types of growth on your home’s exterior are treatable.

What’s The Difference Between Algae And Mold?

Mold is much more dangerous than algae, and difficult to remove – mostly because it is often caused by more serious issues in your home.

Algae, on the other hand, is simply a plant enjoying a life of moisture and sunshine on your roof. Thankfully, algae is a much more common issue than mold.

With that being said, algae and mold do have some similarities. For instance, they are both living organisms that can be treated using a safe soft wash process to kill off all growth in only a day’s work.

Can Algae Be Harmful?

Algae is defined as a (pesky) naturally occurring moss-like plant that is spread by airborne spores.

In especially humid climates, algae is a very common issue and asphalt roof shingles seem to be inflicted with it the most. However, it’s important to note that while algae might look bad, it will not damage or eat away at your roof, or cause your family harm.

How Harmful is Mold?

While mold is not nearly as common as algae, it is known to cause health problems in the home; which range from asthma and lung issues to headaches and irritated eyes and throat.

This is why it’s important to identify exactly what the streaks on your home are. Mold often forms in warm, damp and poorly ventilated basements and attics and can spread to your siding, roof and deck.

Regular House Washing to Prevent Mold and Algae

The simplest way to deal with algae and mold is to prevent it. Scheduling regular house washes will keep your home safe and looking fantastic.

With that being said, some things are best left to the professionals, and house washing is certainly a pro job.

The most common mistake DIY pressure washers will run into is applying too much pressure. It’s easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water, but in addition to damaging your home, you could cause harm to yourself.

On the other hand, too little pressure will only make everything wet, doing little to remove your stains. Don’t waste your day guessing on an important job like this.

Glass Geek’s pressure washing technicians are fully trained and equipped with professional-grade machinery to tackle every job and every stain.

Hiring a professional in San Antonio for your house washing service ensures a thorough and safe clean every time. Click here to get your free quote today!