The Most Effective Gutter Cleaning Solution

There are a number of tools out there being marketed as gutter cleaning solutions when they’re really more like gutter cleaning gimmicks! Read on for an evaluation of some of the most common gutter cleaning tools people use.


Many people have fallen in love with the wet/dry shop-vacuum, even putting it to use while cleaning the gutters. Attachments exist that can be used to suck up leaves, or blast them out of the gutters using powerful gusts of air.

In today’s technological era, we often side with the more sophisticated equipment when forced to choose, but gutter cleaning may be best left for simpler tools.

Though wet-vac attachments can be useful if you need to drain a flooded gutter to identify its source, this is where its utility stops. You will still need to clear out the blockage manually.

This method can be costly and time-consuming. If you don’t have a long enough hose, you will need to buy one, since hauling a water-loaded wet-vac bucket up and down a ladder is impractical and unsafe. You may also need to spend additional money on new attachments.

Choosing a wet-vac as your gutter cleaning solution may also be costly in terms of time spent on the job, as your gutters will be filled will all sorts of debris that can clog up your vacuum as easily as they did your eaves trough!

This option is really only worthwhile if you have hired a professional gutter cleaning team to do all of the leg work. Otherwise, you may be making more work for yourself, and can look forward to a day of strenuous effort!


Long-Reaching Poles

Many different extension cleaning tools exist on the market for homeowners to add to their gutter cleaning arsenal. These allow homeowners to clean from ground level, which is both safe and also easier since you cut out the danger and exertion involved in scaling a ladder dozens of times.

The problem with this gutter cleaning tool is that you often end up cleaning blindly. This can have some worrisome implications in terms of the damage that may be done to your gutter system.

Additionally, it won’t give the best results because you can’t see what you’re doing. You will have to drag your ladder out of the garage to inspect your work anyways, and may have to make a number of trips up and down as you check your work, poke around blindly, and check again.

Again, this method is only acceptable if left in the hands of professionals. The Glass Geeks gutter cleaning experts in San Antonio know how to navigate your gutter system even without a constant line of sight, and will provide a thorough clean without putting it at risk.

Old Fashioned Gutter Cleaning From Glass Geeks

The best gutter cleaning solution out there may still be the good old fashioned ladder, scoop, and bucket system used by the Glass Geeks experts.

This involves a sturdy ladder, a pair of work gloves, a generously sized bucket, and a gutter cleaning scoop, and you’re ready to dive into a long, hard, but rewarding day’s work.

We all want a magic pill solution, but sometimes results take some effort. This method also provides an easy clean-up since the mess goes straight into the bucket, and gives you endless opportunities to inspect the condition of your gutter system.

If gutter cleaning on your own seems like a job you simply don’t have time or the energy for, it’s time to get a free quote for regular gutter cleaning service from Glass Geeks.