How Clogged Gutters Can Ruin Your Home

For most homeowners, one of the most dreaded chores of all time is cleaning the gutters. This is mainly due to a few factors which include the fear of climbing a ladder as well as the disgusting debris that one may find lurking in their gutters.

That’s why most simply off gutter cleaning altogether. Sadly, there will come a time when your gutters need to be cleaned, and by then, the damage may already be set in to really make a difference.

Here are just a few ways uncleaned gutters can damage your home.


If you take real pride in your home, you likely care about your flower beds and lawn.

The most common foe for a gorgeous landscape is flooding. Thankfully, professional gutter cleaning services can keep your property safe from rain storm flooding by enabling proper drainage.

Gutters with the proper drainage in place will allow you to direct water streams wherever you need to in order to prevent excessive water from ruining your lawns, eroding an expensive lawn statue or washing away your hedges


One of the most common problems when it comes to gutters is water running down the sides of your home when the gutter system becomes clogged.

The purpose of gutters is to prevent clogging from happening, as the water can seep into wood frames on both windows and doors. The other issue is flooding.

Flooding can wreak havoc on any of your exposed wood surfaces such as decks — which are a main selling-point in the realty market — however, some people do not worry about the upkeep that these ultimate recreational spots demand.

With that being said decks,doors, and fascia alike add a gorgeous aesthetic to any home, which is why protecting them from flooding by regularly cleaning your gutters should be a priority for any smart homeowner.


There is no debate: the most important part of a home is its foundation.If you have ever lived through a cracked foundation, you certainly won’t want to go through a nightmare experience like that again.

Cracked foundations are most common during the cooler winter months, as standing water around your house causes a frost-heave. Cracked foundations can threaten the structural integrity of your entire home.

If you noticed clogged gutters freezing up over the winter months, now is the most ideal time to handle this issue. Having clean gutters is one of the smartest and most reasonable investments and can save you tens of thousands in repairs.

It’s incredible how something so simple can be so destructive, as our homes are meticulously designed to withstand quite a bit. With that said, there is a balance that needs to be maintained by the homeowner.

Gutter cleaning is certainly part of that maintenance. Don’t allow this silent killer to destroy your home. Contact your San Antonio gutter cleaning professionals at Glass Geeks for a free estimate.

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