Why Commercial Window Cleaning Should Be Included In Your Maintenance Plan

As the building and maintenance supervisor of a commercial building in the San Antonio area, you are tasked with a variety of maintenance items; carpet cleaning, roof inspections, air conditioning maintenance, the list goes on and on!

However, one item that may not be on your maintenance checklist is regular commercial window cleaning. You may not think that window washing is an important ‘maintenance’ issue, but it really can be.

Opting For Regular Window Cleaning

Not only does regular window cleaning keep your commercial facility windows crystal clear, but it also helps to keep spider webs, dust, debris and the fallout from bird impacts with your windows at a minimum.

However, regular window cleaning can also help with damage that can occur to your windows. A number of environmental factors can permanently damage your windows. These include hard water stains from concrete leaching.

Catering To San Antonio Commercial Properties

Many commercial buildings in the San Antonio area are built with concrete that is on the same vertical plane as the windows.

As time goes by, calcium and other minerals used in the manufacturing process of concrete leach out of a building’s walls. You may have noticed vertical streaks on concrete walls.

Unfortunately, if the concrete wall is above a window that mineral streak is deposited onto the glass. This is a very slow process that occurs over months and years.

These mineral streaks can leave your expensive glass with permanent damage. There are ways to remove these mineral deposits from windows, but it can be very costly and labor intensive.

Quarterly Window Cleaning From Glass Geeks

The best solution for protecting your building’s glass is simple and regular cleaning. Here at Glass Geeks Window Cleaning, we recommend quarterly window cleaning for commercial properties.

Not only does this clean off minor mineral deposits before they have the opportunity to etch their way into the glass, but it also keeps your building clean and professional looking for your staff, clients and visitors.

Get a free quote from Glass Geeks to ensure your building is on a regular window cleaning schedule. This will protect one of the most visible and expensive items on your building; your windows.

Hiring a window cleaning company in San Antonio can bring in more business by polishing your store front, while at the same time NOT disrupting your work day in any way. Our professional cleaners are prompt, fully uniformed, and personable, which means they will not be a deterrent or a nuisance to your customers.

Most importantly, hiring a window cleaning company like Glass Geeks eliminates a tedious chore for you. Aside from fully tackling your windows, we eliminate your prep work as well.

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Tips For Safe Window Cleaning

Who thinks window cleaning was a carefree way to spend an afternoon? Before climbing up that ladder with a bucket full of soapy water, you should think safety first. Here are some tips to achieve expert window cleaning, while being safe.

The Weather

Think about the weather. If it is rainy, windy or extremely hot, it is not a good time to clean your windows. Check the ground. If it has just rained, the ground below the windows may be slippery. See if the ground is sturdy enough to handle the ladder with the weight of the cleaner.

The Tools

Make sure you have the right tools for some expert window cleaning.

Bucket: this should be sturdy, with a good grip on the handle.Don’t fill it to the top! Try half or ¼ full of soapy water.

Squeegee: check for good quality, they are easy to find in stores. The strong ones have a metal frame with rubber blade.

Cleaning detergent: check to make sure it is good to use on windows, you don’t want streaks. We recommend just a bit of dishwashing liquid.

Sponges/scrubber: make sure they are easy to grip. Get a sponge you can hang on to. Scrubbers are sponges with long handles to help you scrub windows.

Rags: must be clean and absorbent. They are used to wipe drips and dry windows when you are done washing. They can strategically be placed in the tool belt. We recommend microfiber as they leave a lint-free, streak-free shine.

Ladder: check the ladder to see if it’s in good repair and holds your weight. Make sure you have three points of contact at all times while on it, and reposition it after each window to prevent over-reaching. You can look into additional ladder accessories such as ladder mitts and stabilizers.


Make sure you have some sort of protection if there is a fall. If you have a cell phone, have it on you. It’s good to have an emergency plan, and let someone know you are doing your windows. Ideally you should be doing this with a partner, never alone.

If you are not doing them yourself, make sure whoever is doing the cleaning has some experience and training. Take breaks, especially when using a ladder.

It is recommended to take a break after being on the ladder for 30 minutes. You can also have someone hold the ladder. Try not to clean in the direct sun, the soap and water will dry too quickly and you will have smears, drips and dried soap on the windows.

When to Call a Professional

Look at the height of the window you will be cleaning. If it is over a story high, it could be better to call a window cleaning service. If you have many large windows, it may be a good idea to call a company to help. You don’t want to take unnecessary risks, and an expert window cleaning service will be able to offer you advice when you need it.

So now that you are a little more aware of the safe ways of getting expert window cleaning, you can go and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the beautiful view!

What You Should Look For In A San Antonio Window Cleaning Company

For some homeowners, it may be difficult to choose a residential window cleaning service in San Antonio because the home is a private setting.

Homeowners fear that an unreliable company can potentially prove to be invasive, inexperienced, or untrustworthy. Residential window cleaners, thus, must be both dependable and courteous when arriving at a home to provide services.

The professionals at Glass Geeks are just that; they are respectful, professional, and courteous. In addition, as a company, we have many years of window cleaning experience.

Glass Geeks is a locally owned company providing cost-effective services and convenient scheduling to suit homeowners living throughout San Antonio.

Professionalism & References

When searching for a window cleaning professional in San Antonio, it is wise to examine their credentials and experience. However, it is important to note that although experience helps, it does not guarantee that the service and finished product will be up to par to with the homeowner’s standard. Professional experience is where the search should begin, but not end.

In addition to experience, homeowners should ask window cleaning companies for references in order to confirm that they have provided trusted service in the past and have satisfied the needs of many customers.

Moreover, if homeowners are still unsure as to whether or not the residential window cleaning company is reliable, they should ask about professional affiliations and accreditation.

Finally, make sure that each window cleaning company under consideration can provide proof of current liability insurance. This will help narrow the search to true professionals and protect your estate and property should an injury or damage occur.

Cost-Effective Services

Often times, customers look for the least expensive residential window cleaning service. Choosing a company based solely on price is the wrong move because just like anything else you get what you pay for.

It is wise to look at the services and frequency provided for the quoted price and also how problems are resolved. You will often find the least expensive option is more expensive in the long run.

A good company will ensure that customers only pay for the work that they require and provide pricing structures for all types of budgets. Additionally, a reliable company will provide free estimates and never overcharge after the service is completed.

Convenient Scheduling

Many window cleaning companies work to a certain schedule, which is why it is important to find a company that suits the homeowner’s scheduling needs. In addition, it is good practice for these companies to document each client’s schedule and pre-book their

In addition, it is good practice for these companies to document each client’s schedule and pre-book their services so that homeowners never have to worry. Moreover, a reliable company will often provide customers with a reminder in the form of a phone call or email prior to their scheduled appointment.

Moreover, a reliable company will often provide customers with a reminder in the form of a phone call or email prior to their scheduled appointment.

Choosing the right window cleaners in San Antonio for your home is an important decision. The right company will have a combination of prior experience, cost-effective services for all budgets, and schedule that suits all needs and demands.

If you are a resident of San Antonio or nearby cities, and you would like to learn more about Glass Geeks, explore the rest of our website or click here to get an instant quote for our window cleaning services.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Window Cleaning For Your Business

Intrigued by the implications provided by digital technology, society has started to move away from time-tested services and products, as they are now gravitating to new devices with flashing lights and Wi-Fi connectivity.

This tech trend has invaded all aspects of our culture; kids are replacing sport activities with iPhone games, and business owners are spending through the nose in digital signage and Wi-Fi beacon advertising in order to boost business when simpler solutions are out there.

The experts at Glass Geeks want to know why you’d spend a massive amount of money on gadgets when you could get incredible results by hiring a window cleaning company for a fraction of the price?

Literal windows might seem unimpressive next to the latest Windows operating system, but the reality is that professional window cleaning is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your business’ curb appeal.

Enhancing Your Image With Window Cleaning

When realtors try to polish up a property before attracting buyers, they will typically hire a window cleaning company in order to add a few dollars to the closing price, or a few names to their open house sign-in sheet. Why? The answer is curb appeal.

Whether you are standing outside or indoors, nothing can enhance your image like immaculate windows can. From indoors, it gives you the ideal lens to look through into the outside world; On the other hand, from the outside, it is the perfect showcase for services, promotions, and products.

Sparkling Windows Truly do Shine

When your business has streak-free windows, your customers will begin to take notice of your attention to detail rather than the blemishes, weathering, and fingerprint you have neglected to clean up.

While it may sound ridiculous, your windows do, in fact, reflect your company’s image and reputation to some degree, and can be the deciding factor in a business interaction as your potential customer makes their first impression.

After all, the level of technological wow-factor you attempt to cram into your business doesn’t matter to a customer if they’re put off by the lack of cleanliness of the business itself.

Avoiding Business Interruption by Using a Window Cleaning Company

When you’re trying to map out a cost-effective method for enhancing your business, you need to ensure the option you are considering is as minimally disruptive to your work day as possible.

A method that doubles your sales in a day will ultimately be ineffective if you lose a day putting it together. If you favor the high-tech marketing technology, you might lose a day working on the installations, tutorial, and registrations.

Hiring a window cleaning company in San Antonio can bring in more business by polishing your store front, while at the same time NOT disrupting your work day in any way. Our professional cleaners are prompt, fully uniformed, and personable, which means they will not be a deterrent or a nuisance to your customers.

Most importantly, hiring a window cleaning company like Glass Geeks eliminates a tedious chore for you. Aside from fully tackling your windows, we eliminate your prep work as well. Tell us about your property and get your free quote now!

Why Rain Water Stains Your Windows

Spring is right around the corner, which means spring cleaning will soon begin. While this can definitely be seen as a positive, after a long winter there is a lot of work to be done both inside and outside of your home.

While the weather in the spring is known to get warmer, a lot of homeowners will request a window cleaning, fearing the inevitable April shower.

Contrary to popular belief, rain isn’t what makes your windows dirty, and is actually very clean. In fact, rain is basically distilled water, and around the world some window cleaners actually prefer to use rainwater.

These window cleaners use something called “rainwater harvesting”, which is especially popular in rain soaked regions such as the United Kingdom and the Pacific North West.

So if rain isn’t the main culprit for dirty windows, who or what is to blame? The professionals at Glass Geeks are here to give you a few factors that could cause a window to turn into a water spotted eyesore:


While screens are both necessary and helpful, they can be the biggest issue that a clean window will face.

Screens prevent dirt, pests, pollen, and other debris from damaging our windows. With that being said, the problem develops when the rain starts pouring.

As the rain passes through your screen, it grabs the debris and slams it against the glass. Thus, when the water dries, what is left is an unsightly dirty window.

When you get your windows cleaned by a window cleaning professional in San Antonio, or do it yourself, make sure that your screens are cleaned, as well. Be forewarned, though, as most window cleaners do not include screen cleaning and there could be an extra charge. Nonetheless, it is an absolute necessity for a long lasting clean.


The second contributing factor to rain dirtying your freshly cleaned windows is the environment. Every part of the US is different, which means there could be local contributing factors.

For instance, in a more industrial area, acid rain is a real problem, as acid rain is precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning it possesses high levels of hydrogen ions and a low pH.

It could have potentially harmful effects on aquatic animals, plants, and of course, windows, and is caused by emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.

If you live in an area that happens to have a large amount of carbon dioxide or other chemicals being released, then rain itself can be an issue.

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San Antonio Window Cleaning: The Truth About Hard Water Stains

Nothing can be as tough on your windows as hard water, which is a term that is often associated with a very industrialized area such as a large city.

The truth about hard water is that it can ruin your windows at at any time, because hard water is simply just water with a high mineral content. Here are a few additional hard water facts to better equip you when it comes to managing hard water stains:

Dissecting Hard Water Stains

Hard water forms when water percolates through deposits of chalk and limestone. The main minerals that make up hard water are magnesium carbonates and calcium.

Nearly any water that has yet to go through a softening process will have trace amounts of these minerals, and, as such, most homes in areas where hard water is prevalent are equipped with water softeners that use sodium in order to filter the water.

This method may be enough to make your water taste OK, but it typically isn’t enough to prevent deposits on your windows.

The main problem homeowners face when it comes to hard water is the lack of an effective and safe method for removing stains on their windows.

Because glass is porous, it can actually be manipulated by chemicals, and water stains are deposits of minerals within the primary structure of the glass itself. As such, there are only a small number of options to get rid of these spots.

Unless you are familiar with the process of cleaning hard water stains, you could easily scratch or damage the glass. Thus, the smartest way to attack these stains is to simply hire a glass cleaning professional in San Antonio.

Expert window cleaners like Glass Geeks are experienced and trained to handle these stains. In order to maintain your windows while preventing hard water stains, consistent cleaning is a must.

Whether you clean them yourself or schedule cleanings with Glass Geeks, regular maintenance will always be required. Here a few tips and trick to help keep hard water from staining your windows:

Rubbing Alcohol

You can mix rubbing alcohol with water and wipe your window with it, as this mixture may remove mild water spots, and is ideal for window maintenance.


Another method is to squeeze some toothpaste onto some kind of non-abrasive pad, and then adding water before lightly applying the mixture to the hard water stain.

You should then rinse the glass and use a squeegee in order to fully remove any excess water.


Our final hard stain cleaning tip is to soak a towel into a mixture of water and ammonia, before using it to remove the spots on your glass.

Keep in mind, though, that an ammonia solution can be irritating to the mucous membranes and eyes, especially for the respiratory and digestive tracts. Some people are also known to get experience skin irritation when exposed to this chemical.

This means you should be extremely careful when handling any ammonia-based solution and wear protective clothing, such as goggles and rubber gloves in order to prevent injuries.

Sadly, not every hard water stain can be removed. If this is the case, your window will need to be replaced. Replacing a mirror, window, or any piece of glass can be highly expensive, so if you notice a potential problem with hard water, act quickly and hire a window cleaning professional in San Antonio to eradicate the problem!

The Key to Taking Window Cleaning Off Your To-Do List

Window cleaning is one of those tasks that should be left to the professionals (like the experts at Glass Geeks). This is because the pro’s will have the tools and knowledge necessary to handle the job and achieve incredible streak-free results each time.

However, if you’re the do-it-yourself type, with quite a bit of time on your hands to dedicate to cleaning your windows properly, there’s a few tips you should consider in order to get the best results possible without hiring a professional window cleaning company in San Antonio:

Diluting Your Cleaner With Distilled Water

Most do not consider what’s actually in the water we frequently use to clean. Truthfully, it typically doesn’t matter. However, with glass, absolutely everything is visible, which means water content can make a massive difference (this is especially true if you have hard water).

This is why, if you’re opting to dilute your glass cleaner, you should be using distilled water to do so. Why? Distilled water doesn’t contain all of the minerals that could be present in the water that comes from your tap, which means it won’t leave behind any streaky deposits on your home’s windows.

Utilizing Vinegar

Vinegar is known to most as an all-purpose ingredients for use in everyday life. For instance, vinegar is as useful on a salad as it in on your windows, and it costs virtually nothing.

Whether you’ve run out of the glass cleaner you typically use or you’re simply looking for a more affordable option, vinegar can do wonders for cleaning your windows. A solution made up of 50% vinegar and 50% water works incredibly well for the average homeowner — you simply wipe or spray it on your window’s surface as you would with any other glass cleaner.

Keep in mind, when using vinegar, the smell will linger for a bit, so if you’re not fond of the vinegar scent, you may want to save this method for outdoor glass only.

Minimizing Suds

Suds are notorious for leaving your glass full of streaks — which may not be an issue if you opt to use a vinegar solution (or only a cleaner) — however, if your windows are truly filthy, and you’re going to add soap to your cleaning solution, you should take it easy.

Not much soap is required to get rid of the dirt and grime on your windows, and if you use too much this will result in a cleaner that is overly dense and could leave a streaky residue on your window’s glass.

Forgetting Paper Towels

When approaching window cleaning, you’ll usually carry a bucket of glass-cleaning supplies with throughout the house. However, paper towels should not be among these supplies, and here’s why:

Paper towels are notorious for leaving linty streaks on your glass. Instead, you should opt for a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, or even a handful of newspaper; though, be sure to wear gloves if you opt to go this route as ink tends to get messy.

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How Clean Windows Benefit Your Business

There are numerous studies that make a direct correlation between the environment in a business and productivity. A clean, well-organized office improves employee morale, attendance and employee productivity.

Business owners and office managers interested in hiring an office cleaning company should not stop at dusting and vacuuming. The windows of your business deserve more than a spray bottle cleaner and an old towel.

They deserve the attention of the commercial window cleaning professionals at Glass Geeks.

A sparkling clean window not only greatly enhances the curb appeal of your business it also allows the maximum introduction of natural sunlight.

Anyone that has worked indoors for long periods of time can attest to the tremendous difference between natural and artificial light. Those corner offices are not in high demand because florescent bulbs, people want a view of the outside and real sunlight.

Well trained commercial window cleaners will maximize these benefits and help enhance the benefits of regular office cleaning.

Many people believe that dirty windows attribute to an unprofessional atmosphere; a company like Glass Geeks will not only clean to spotless perfection, but also provide so much more than just aesthetics.

Spotless Results

In order to achieve optimal results it is important to use more than the simple Windex and paper towel approach. Windows require thorough cleaning both on the inside and the outside; an inexperienced office employee could not clean the outside of a high rise commercial building as successfully as a professional company could.

Anybody is capable of cleaning windows but professionals produce superior results because of their top of the line equipment, products, and years of experience.


Hiring professional window cleaners instead of using an employee to clean windows also saves time. Many companies also provide round the clock service calls as well as scheduling plans to suit the specific needs of any office.

Additionally, window cleaning companies will work with the owner or manager to ensure they meet every business’s unique requirements and fit every budget.

Furthermore, a professional company will not only have the right experience for the job but they should offer the option of a free onsite proposal because they know each work site is different.

By enlisting in the services of an expert, your employees can concentrate on their own work in a clean and bright work space.


Finally, everything usually comes down to cost. While it is completely possible for employee to clean their office windows what is that cost to the business?

In many cases these “soft cost” expenses fly under the radar. In most cases when a business factors in time, materials, equipment and results hiring a commercial window cleaning professional is actually a cost reduction.

A window cleaning company with trained technicians will use the latest tools and techniques to achieve results in the most effective manner possible. They know that doing the work a second time is not cost effective so doing the job right the first time is paramount.

A professional window cleaning company can provide spotless results, a safe environment, convenience, protection to glass surfaces, as well as a cost saving alternative.  Get your quote today for the best commercial window cleaning service in San Antonio

Benefits Of Clean Windows In Your Home

The simplest and most obvious benefit of using more natural light is that it saves, and minimizes, the need for electricity. Natural light boosts vitality, lightens our moods, creates better sleep patterns and encourages more physical activity.

It leads to better alertness and metabolism. Natural light synchronizes our bodies and brains. It triggers serotonin and produces vitamins C and D, which is an important part of alleviating any depression. This is proven in studies involving those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Natural light also helps our bodies in absorbing minerals and other vitamins.

Ideas for More Natural Light

If you like shades, try to use sheer or translucent ones. Remove any heavy or dark curtains as they are designed to block light. If your windows are small or you want privacy, use sheer fabrics so light can still come in, or use shutters.

Mirrors reflect light well, so if you have limited windows, you can still maximize the amount of natural light you do get. As well, you can use glass doors in your house, internally and externally. For indoor rooms, use clear glass, mirrored doors or frosted glass. This will let in more natural light and make your rooms seem larger and open. If you don’t like the idea of clear glass doors, try frosted or tinted glass. There is also the option of putting in skylights or roof lights. They are becoming a common and easy way to increase natural light in a home. You can even use windows to replace internal walls!

Is there a Type of Glass for this?

Glass insulates and protects us from extreme temperatures, as well as control light throughout our homes. There are types of glass that can control glare and UV rays, and so enhance natural light.Here are a few options:

FGI Clear Float Glass: colorless, distortion-free, light transmitting.

  • Tinted Glass: absorbs and radiates solar energy, reducing heat.
  • Reflective Glass: controls solar heat gain.
  • Toughened Glass: safety glass with strength.
  • Laminated Glass: two or more layers of bonded glass, preventing breakage.
  • LowE Glass: has reflective coating that reflects thermal radiation, reducing heat through the glass.

As simple as it sounds, it always helps to keep your windows clean. Keep in mind your building’s location, weather, and nearby vegetation when deciding how often to clean your windows. If you are close to highways, surrounded by sappy trees, and have a wet spring, you may have to have cleaners do your windows more often. It is all worth all the natural light in the end.

What Makes Commercial Window Cleaning So Important?

While so many businesses today have been switching to online-only service, it’s even more imperative to have your brick and mortar business in San Antonio looking its most clean, professional, and approachable.

Here at Glass Geeks, we fully understand the impact a business’s appearance has on its overall success, which is why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive commercial window cleaning services to all of our San Antonio clients.

As part of our commercial window cleaning services, we use a system that allows us to clean your business with the highest quality water in the most economic, safe, and efficient way possible. By using this advanced system we can provide all of our commercial clients with services that benefit both them and the environment. Find out what we can do for your business below:

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is a key maintenance task, imperative to running a successful business as skipping gutter cleaning could cost you significantly in the future.

Gutters are meant to catch and direct the flow of water, which means if you have poorly maintenanced gutters, this can lead to nasty buildup that could (in turn) lead to a leaky roof, a home for pests, and extreme water damage. Cleaning and maintaining your gutter system regularly will save you valuable money and time in the future.

Pressure Washing

You would be pleasantly surprised to see what a proper pressure washing can do for your business’s curb appeal. Cleaning your building, walkway, and even your parking lot, regularly keeps your business looking as good as new, which means it will be more enticing to current and future customers.

Window Cleaning

The disgusting appearance that dirty windows provide can seriously have a negative impact on your business’s credibility and reputability to passersby.

After all, the extent in which you take care of your business is a real reflection of how you would take care of your customers, thus, you want to show the world that you’re not only attentive to your business, but organized as well, at all levels of your operation.

Glass Geeks Window Cleaning for All Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

As the holidays approach, so does one of the busiest spending seasons of the year. This means, there is no better time than the present to book a commercial cleaning service for your San Antonio business.

Glass Geeks of San Antonio is here to ensure your business is looking as fantastic as it performs. Click here to contact us today!

If you’re unsure of your abilities, or simply don’t have the time or equipment necessary to get the job done successfully, contact Glass-Geeks today. Our technicians are expertly trained and equipped with the latest in pressure washing technology, which means we can fully restore your business’ exterior to its original beauty.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! To get the best window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and house washing in San Antonio, contact us today.