What To Consider When Approaching Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is a job that is often left as punishment for unruly teens, or else is procrastinated as long as possible. It isn’t hard to imagine why this job is often the last people want assigned to them during chore rotations. Not only is this task going to eat up valuable hours on […]

Should You Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

The short answer to the question is a resounding “YES!”, but it does come with some strings attached. Pressure washing vinyl siding can be a safe way to clean your home and adds years to the lifespan of your walls’ exterior surfaces, or it can be a fast-track to siding damage – it all depends […]

Why You Should Hire a Gutter Cleaning Professional in San Antonio

While cleaning your gutters may seem like an innocent (maybe even simple) task, contrary to popular belief, gutter cleaning can be one of the most tough and dangerous jobs you’ll ever perform for your home. This is why you should always hire a gutter cleaning professional in San Antonio, who will be well equipped with […]

How Roof Cleaning Increases The Longevity Of Your Roof

It’s no secret: the roof on your San Antonio home is one of the most important aspects of your entire property. Not only does a roof protect you from the elements, but it keeps nasty critters and contaminants out of your home. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you (as a homeowner) do everything in […]

Top Home Cleaning Services To Add Resale Value To Your Property

Many homeowners purchase their property in the hopes of living in it forever. However, in some cases, your first home (or second or third) may not be your last. This can be for a myriad of reasons. Maybe your family is beginning to grow, and the home you currently live in — while adequate when […]

Ranking The Outdoor Cleaning Tasks That Are Most Important This Fall

With summer now officially behind us, even San Antonio is preparing for the fall (and, eventually, winter) season ahead. While fall does bring along a wide range of exciting events and experiences, — such as Halloween, fall leaves, family get-togethers, and football — it does require a great deal of maintenance and cleaning for homeowners who […]

Why Do You Need A Professional House Wash?

Most people can handle their to-do list inside the home, but how many of you have the time, supplies, ability or desire to wash your house, deck and driveway? Too often these outdoor chores fall to the wayside, but don’t let ‘em! No more excuses: Glass Geeks is here to offer our top 3 reasons […]

San Antonio Window Cleaning: How Do I Prepare My Windows For Winter?

For any smart homeowner, winters are a time when you prepare your property for the months ahead by ensuring every aspect is cleaned, repaired, or replaced. This includes your home’s roof, driveway, deck, and (of course) your windows, which are one of the most important parts of your home. While winter’s in San Antonio are […]

Top Home Chores That Require A Professional

Most people can handle their to-do list inside the home, but how many of you have the time, supplies, ability or desire to completely clean your windows, siding, gutters, or roofs? Ladders are scary and dangerous, but so is someone who hasn’t had experience with a pressure washer. Too often these chores fall to the […]

Professional Gutter Cleaning Can Increase The Lifespan of Your Home

Too many times, it seems, homeowners ignore their gutters until there is a problem. Unfortunately, by the time you notice that your gutters are in need of a clean, the real damage has already begun to set in. With the spring months lurking just around the corner, your to-do list may have already started to […]