Best Practices For Safe Gutter Cleaning

For homeowners, there is no chore that is dreaded more during the spring cleaning season than gutter cleaning and repair.

Not only is this job extremely filthy, but it require a massive physical effort from you that eats up an entire day and can also be severely dangerous.

With that said, as time-consuming, frustrating, and strenuous as this job may be, it is important to the integrity of your home.

After all, clogged or malfunctioning gutters are some of the leading causes of water leaks and flooding in the average home, which can cause severe damage to your property’s foundation and contribute to dangerous mold growth.

Thankfully, a professional gutter cleaning company in San Antonio like Glass Geeks gives homeowners the chance to enjoy clean and properly functioning gutters without risking their lives.

When you choose Glass Geeks, you are choosing a guaranteed and fully insured service. Our professionals will arrive stocked with the most modern and efficient equipment, so that we can provide you clean and functioning gutters in any kind of weather.

The experts at Glass Geeks are highly trained, and practice proper ladder safety protocol, which they have refined through years of service and industry innovation. This ensures nobody is hurt and nothing on your home or property is damaged.

However, if you still insist on cleaning your gutters on your own, you need to follow some basic ladder safety tips:

Staying Alert With Safety In Mind

Most will become a bit less cautious when they’re only a few steps from the ground. However, this is unfortunate, since most injuries occur on step ladders that stand only 3-6 feet tall.

When cleaning your gutters, be sure to never lose focus on your safety, even at manageable heights. While the chance of fatal injury is lessened, you can still suffer a sprain or nasty fracture..

3 Points Of Contact

This simple rule is also one of the most important taught in an industry-leading gutter cleaning training program, and is important in terms of ensuring ladder safety.

As the name implies, this rule demands you keep 3 of your 4 “points of contact” on your ladder at all times, referring to your 2 feet and 2 hands. When using a ladder, you should always keep one hand gripping the ladder and both feet grounded.

Most falls happen when over-ambitious do-it-yourselfers take both of their hands off of their ladder, oftentimes to grip the gutter they are cleaning.

Not only could you come falling down in this scenario, but you’ll likely bring your gutters with you. Replacing your gutters along with your siding, shingles and landscaping you damaged on your way down will cost you astronomically.

While these basic tips for safe gutter cleaning will help get you started by eliminating the most obvious injury risks, it’s still in your best interest to contact Glass Geeks.

Not only will you be eliminating any risk of injury, but you will also be eliminating the risk of wasting your entire day for a sub-par gutter cleaning.