What Areas Need Professional Pressure Washing The Most?

Pressure washers are universally recognized as an important part of any homeowners’ maintenance arsenal, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

These amazing pieces don’t rely on harsh chemicals in order to get the job done, and they can also be used in a wide range of ways to make cleaning around the house significantly more easier.

Not to mention, pressure washers can actually increase the longevity of some of your home’s most expensive items, which will save you on costly and critical repairs.

If you’re thinking about hiring pressure washing professionals in San Antonio, you will likely want to know about all of the different areas you can clean with this great tool.

We, at Glass Geeks, want to share the top power-washer targets that you may not have already thought of.


Whenever you enter a commercial car wash and pay for a service, you are basically renting a pressure washer. Washing cars, boats, and motorcycles is one of the most common applications for a pressure washer.

With this in mind, it is imperative that you choose the right pressure washer, as too narrow of a spray could give the exterior of your car the wrong kind of detailing.

Garage doors

Garage doors — as well as window sills and home siding — is an excellent target for a professional pressure washing.

Dust has the ability to temporarily change the color of your garage door, and if it’s allowed to accumulate, will smear and turn grimy during humid or wet days. This can worsen rusting and wear on your garage door, which will ultimately cut its lifespan short.

While light-duty model pressure washers are appropriate for garage door cleaning, even industrial-strength pressure washers can be used in the right hands and at the right setting.

Exterior siding or brick

Patios, bricks, and exterior siding are also ideal pressure washing targets.

You can blast away moss, stains, and corrosive contaminants from their surfaces in the same way you would while pressure washing your driveway. Keep in mind, however, that your nozzle type and strength will need to adjust accordingly.

Bee hives and bird nests

While cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces should be at the top of your priority list, pressure washers have a few additional uses as well.

Part of proper home maintenance is ensuring that there are no pests or insects lurking that could cause any harm, to your home, your family, or yourself, and pressure washers make this task much easier.

Whether you’ve spotted a cluster of wood-chewing termites, an intimidating bee hive, or anything else that you might want to get rid of without having to get too close, a professional pressure washer is the perfect tool for the job.

Are you interested in hiring a professional pressure washing service in San Antonio to clean up your home’s exterior? Glass Geeks has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to pressure washing driveways, decks, patios, as well as the unconventional targets on this list. Get your bid here.